Comfort and Care in your own Home


Here at City Care we can provide you with the care and support you need to enable you to remain at home and keep your independence. Our experienced team can support you with all aspects of your daily life and help assist you with your personal care. Our tailor made care plans are very much person-centred and we look at every aspect of your daily needs. Not only your physical needs but we take into consideration your emotional, social needs and listen to your choices and decisions. 

Here are some examples of support we can offer you; assistance to get dressed/undressed, washed, bathed or showered for the day. We want you to choose the level of care you require and we will incorporate this into your care plan. One of our core values is to promote independence and we will support you to maintain this at all times. We assist with as little as a helping hand with your stockings or those things you just can't manage to more complex support if you require it.

We will help you to prepare a meal of your choice or we can prepare this for you as required. Our staff will ensure you have refreshments between our visits or family visits to ensure your comfort at all times. We will endeavour to ensure all areas are left clean and tidy. At City Care your health, safety and welfare are paramount.

We can Prompt/Assist or Administer your medication - anything from a little reminder or fully supporting you.. We can arrange for medication to be delivered or picked up from the chemist on your behalf. We can pick up prescriptions and make phone calls or appointments. We are happy to accompany you to any appointments you may have or to the chemist if needed.

We can support you to get dressed for bed and ensure your home is safe and secure for the evening. We also provide a late evening service to ensure you can maintain your quality of life whilst receiving care at home. This can include overnight services or just someone to provide you with a hot drink and tuck you in for the night.

Our team is highly trained in using equipment that will enable us to meet your care needs. The use of equipment can often ensure your comfort and safety. We have allocated dual care teams who can assist with dual care needs wherever this is necessary.

We can arrange a drop in service to your home to give you and your family piece of mind. This can be as simple as a chat over a cup of tea or a trip to the shops.

We also provide support with all aspects of domestic tasks around your home. This includes housework, laundry, and ironing, cooking, and shopping. We will assist you to carry out tasks yourself. For example if you need a helping hand to bring in your washing our friendly team of carers will be there to support you. We also provide assisted shopping if you would like to accompany your carer.


We can arrange respite cover for your full time carer/ family member.

For more information call us today on 0191 548 6503 If there is a service you require that we haven’t mentioned please do not hesitate to call us and we will look to develop a personalised plan for you.