A day in the life of Edith and Emily


This is the journey of Edith and Emily who are sisters aged 92 and 98 respectively. They have been together for most of their lives and are devoted to each other. City Care has looked after them for 7 years.

Margaret is their designated carer and has been for many years. They have a very close and special relationship with her. “Margie” is now classed as one of the family.

Emily and Edith were devastated to learn their home of 40 years was going to be demolished. A house move at this point in their lives proved to be a very frightening and daunting prospect. As well as assisting with the practicalities of the move City Care also offered emotional support to make the move as seamless as possible for them. They made this new environment as familiar as possible by unpacking their possessions. In addition to this they spent a considerable amount of time with Edith and Emily to ensure they felt safe and secure in their new home.

“Margie” visits the sisters on a daily basis and assists them getting washed, dressed and prepared for the day. She always has a smile on her face and nothing is much trouble. She encourages them to do as much as possible for themselves so they maintain their independence. 

The sisters, when they feel up to it, go shopping with “Margie” and they all enjoy a lovely cup of tea. Each Friday she brings them fish and chips as a treat.

When you see Margie, Emily and Edith all laughing together it is then you realise what a success this is