Funding your Care

We know how important it is for you to have a clear picture of how much your fees will be. So we provide a simple, straightforward breakdown from the very start.

Here’s an outline of our visiting care fees:

  • Prices start from £14.25 per hour for one-to-one personal home care

  • Visits lasting 15 (pop in call) ,30, 45 or 60 minutes can differ. 

  • Prices depend on your location and specific care needs, with differences for overnight care and support provided during weekends and bank holidays

  • Free home visit from your local care specialist to assess your needs

Call us today to discuss your home care needs and get a full quote for our care packages.

Our friendly team of advisors is here seven days a week to take your call and discuss your needs

Your quote for home care will be confirmed once your local care assessor has visited you at home to finalise your care plan and double-check we have everything is covered.

Paying for your Care????

Many people who use care and support services will pay for all of the costs. This is known as being a "self-funder".

The cost of your care will vary depending on the amount of time you require and complexity of care package needed. 

If you are thinking about your future care needs or are facing immediate decisions about care options, it can be helpful to get an idea how much care can cost.

Inevitably, the price you would pay will depend on your particular circumstances and needs. 

Currently, it is not easy to plan for your future care needs, as it’s hard to estimate how long you will need care for and how your circumstances may change.

These costs include expenses such as rent, food and utilities and the costs you would face even if you did not have care needs. It is important to note that daily living costs will be a nationally set figure. This figure will be a "notional" amount rather than the actual costs. This is designed to support consistency and enable people to plan.

To benefit from the cap once it comes in, you will need to contact your local authority to see if your needs are eligible. If you are seen to have eligible care needs, the local authority will open a "care account" for you.

The BBC’s care calculator ( follow icon) can estimate how much you may have to pay for care services depending on where you live in England. 

Ask for help from your local authority

It's worth checking whether you're eligible for means-tested support from your local authority or other financial support – for example, through a care needs assessment and a financial assessment.

Advice on paying for care

Even if your local authority is not able to help fund your care, it will be able to make an assessment of your care and support needs.

You can also get independent advice from:

  • The Money Advice Service website: offers information on paying for care or the option to speak to an online adviser. You can call the Money Advice Service on 0300 500 5000. 

  • The Society of Later Life Advisers: the society can also help you find advice on how to make financial plans for care in your old age. 

  • Find Me Good Care: a website of the Social Care Institute for Excellence. It has advice on all aspects of planning and funding social care. 

  • Age UK: has great advice for older people and those planning for their later years. 

  • Carers UK: an excellent resource of advice for carers who need to help someone else. 

  • Which? Elderly Care has a guide to financing care. 

If your capital falls below the set levels for local authority funding (currently £23,250), you will be eligible for reassessment for help with funding your care.

Care Calculator 
Financial Assessment 
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Funding Your Care

Through the "your care, your support, your choice" initiative, local authorities promoting choice and rights are now promoting direct payments so you can purchase your own care.

The government agenda on personalisation gives you the power to choose your care provider. Long gone are the days when your provider was chosen for you. 

Do you know that you can ask your local council about direct payments to choose and pay for your own care? You can choose City Care.

I feel I need care but am not sure if I am entitled to any support with this?

Funding may be available from local councils or benefits agency to assist you with your care needs. Here at City Care we will signpost you and assist you to apply for this. Call us today for free help / advice / support on0191 548 5403. By choosing direct payment this will allow you to choose your care provider.

What is a direct payment?

Direct payments are available via your local authority. This is an amount paid direct to you so you can purchase your own services. You would then pay your care provider direct for the care you receive.

What is a personalised budget?

This is an amount which will be allocated to you to pay for your care services. You will be able to choose your care provider as with a direct payment but this will be managed by social services. They will make payments on your behalf to your chosen care provider.

I have a direct payment and am looking for a service?

We at City Care are fully trained to assist you purchase care with your direct payment. Call us to today if you wish to purchase any of our services. We offer free advice, support and will visit you in your own home to assess your needs.

I currently feel my care needs are not been met?

Even if you don’t have a direct payment or a personalised budget we can support you to access this where applicable. We can offer you free advice support and one of our team will be happy to review your care needs and steer you in the right direction.

What other funding may be available?

There are NHS continuing health care funds available. Here at City Care we can support you to apply for these funds.

I am making a decision on care on someone else’s behalf can you assist with this? 

We at City Care have links with professional advisors who can assist in becoming power of attorney. If you are already power of attorney we can assist you to set up a package on behalf of your relative/friend.

At City Care, we can help you to find out more about direct payments or personalised budgets. Please call us today on 0191 548 6503