A day in the life of Geoffrey Boyes


Geoffrey suffers from Down Syndrome and has a number of complex issues. This is the story of how we helped turn his life around. Ken was introduced to Geoffrey as one of City Care's personal assistants. Geoffrey hadn't left the house in a number of years until he was introduced to Ken. With Ken's support and encouragement Geoffrey now leads a full and active life. Geoffrey likes to spend time at Marine Park and has a passion for model boats. Geoffrey and Ken will spend time feeding the ducks and have a cup of tea. With Ken's encouragement Geoffrey can now complete tasks around the home - he will help his mum by taking the dinner tray back to the kitchen. Geoffrey loves to push the trolley whilst shopping and this has helped improve his hand/eye co-ordination. He has become independent with some his personal care needs and can take ownership of some tasks. Geoffrey now has the confidence and ability to lace his own shoes which is a huge achievement for Geoffrey.

As Geoffory is unable to speak Ken has developed a unique way of communicating with him. Together they have created a picture book which includes all the places , activities and things which they have acheived together.

This is a special bond they have together which continues to grow and develop.