Reablement Services- Our aim is to have you back on you feet 

Here at City Care we can support you with a package of care to get you back on your feet after a period of hospitalisation or illness.We work alongside the multi-disciplinary team working and  hospital discharge to give you the right package of care to have you back on your feet and independent. Our team can support people learn or re-learn the skills necessary for daily living, which have been lost through deterioration in health and/or increased support needs. A focus on regaining physical ability is our main aim, as is continual reassessment throughout the care package. ​​People using this service and their families appear to welcome reablement and quite often extend care after the reablement period. Where care needs are ongoing a care plan will be devised and built into yearly review processes.When we plan a reablement service, a strong priority is placed on the involving occupational therapy and working closely with the team to support you as individual. Reablement requires care workers to adopt a ‘hands-off’ approach to supporting people and very much a guiding role rather than a active caring one. We provide appropriate training and supervision to support this service and our care plans are adapted to meet the reviews needed. Although the reduction in ongoing support is a key objective of reablement, we ensure that the aim is improving people’s wellbeing is at the heart of the service.